Friday, August 12, 2016

Saddle Brook Diner - Saddle Brook, NJ

Saddle Brook Diner
30 Market Street
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
(201) 843-5929

This is a good tucked away diner with good food and a good staff. The exterior is clean looking and the inside just the same with murals of things relating to the 1950's and 60's. Pumped through the speakers is usually one of the Sirius oldies channels to tap your feet to while enjoying your meal. The food is good quality and you can expect an on duty manager floating around to even check up on the status of your meal. I like to order my steaks EXTRA WELL done and I received it one time partially pink in the middle. I told the waiter to take it back to cook a little longer and the manager even came over to apologize for it not being done enough. When it came back my steak was dead and all was good, its appreciated when the boss steps in and takes care of a matter. Despite one minor err I would still recommend this establishment to any hungry traveler.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Plaza 46 Diner, South Hackensack, NJ

Plaza 46 Diner
380 Highway 46
South Hackensack, NJ 07606
(201) 440-3704

To start off with this place...Its a DUMP!! The last time I was in there, they had renovated HALF of the dining room, ran out of money and just reopened the joint. The carpet is always FILTHY and the waiting staff?? Horrible!! One time I was there, two of the waitresses almost duked it out right in the diner. Then there is one thats called "Steer".  Run into her and you will know why she's got that nickname!! The food?? Horrible!! The last thing I had there was a cheeseburger deluxe that wasn't very good. Cheap meat, cheap cheese and cheap buns.The fries sucked. I wouldn't even try getting a real meal here. As another reviewer put it, "It is comparable to a truck stop with the mentality to go with it." If you are into dumpy greasy spoon type restaurants with horrible food, this is the place for you. If you like good food, don't eat here!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Master Pizza aka State Police Bogota, NJ

Master Pizza 
55 River Road #1
Bogota, NJ 07603
(201) 343-9025

Another good place for a few slices of pizza, a sandwich or some pasta. The owner and his family are very friendly and the service is top notch. My favorites are a veal parm sub, a veal parm dinner, and meat ravioli. The pizza is good, the sauce is very tasty. The only negative, the bread is kind of bland. It has no taste of its own. It HAS to have something on it like butter or sauce. Other than that, this place gets my fork up and a belch.

Marysville Diner Marysvile, Pa

Marysville Diner
510 S State Rd (US Rt 11)
Marysville, PA 17053

This is another favorite stop on road trips out to central PA. Usually for dinner. The food and service have always been good. I like the burgers, although they use white American cheese, I prefer yellow. Thats not a deal breaker though as the burgers are tasty. The steak is good too. I like their fries and potatoes. The salads are usually pretty good. They ARE limited on their choice of vegetables. They do a vegetable of the day instead of offering everything every day. Their selections can be a bit weird, well for me anyway but at least they will give you apple sauce if you request it. The deserts are good too. If you're in the area, this is the diner to go to. 

Biagio's Pizza Radburn/Fair Lawn, NJ....DO NOT EAT HERE!!!

Biagio's Pizza N Pasta
23-14 Fair Lawn Ave
Radburn/Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
(201) 791-5777

This one falls under the category of what the F*CK were we thinking?? Here's what happened... My tag team partner was worried about getting home to take rest for work so he needed to find a place quickly to eat and then run home. After hemming and hawing for awhile, looking to find something decent in the immediate area, we decided this was our best bet. Boy were we WRONG!! We both ordered slices of pizza and an order of garlic knots. Our usual quickie Italian meal. First off, this place wasn't really an "eat in" kind of place, they had a few tables but there were no napkin dispensers and when we got our food, they were in pizza boxes, no plates, like we were supposed to take this stuff home. The pizza was HORRIBLE!! The absolute worst pizza I have EVER tasted and thats pretty bad. I swear they used Ragu for pizza sauce. BOTH of us had a metallic taste in our mouths for hours after eating this stuff. The knots were horrible too. They were soaked with oil and they tasted pretty bad too. I began to feel kinda sick a few hours after eating. We both did not finish our food and threw it away. If the owners didn't like us putting our pizza boxes in his garbage can, too bad. We aint never going back there anyway. I later checked their yelp rating and I cannot for the life of me understand how they got 3&1/2 stars. They got four stars from and three stars from Google reviews. Do these people not have taste buds?? Are the employees, friends and owners manipulating the reviews?? There were a lot of people ordering from this place and in my opinion, the people eating from this dump do NOT know good Italian food or they are just simply too lazy to find a decent Italian restaurant. This place is permanently blacklisted!! There will be no re-evaluating this establishment!!

O.I.P. Original Italian Pizza Huntingdon, PA

O.I.P Original Italian Pizza
9599 William Penn Highway (Route 22)
Huntingdon, Pa 16652
(814) 643-5520

This is a place my tag team partner, my father and I like to hit on our extreme trips out to central PA. This place has good pizza and great sandwiches!! The bread is the best I have ever tasted!! I think they use their pizza dough to make the bread. The food is always good. The portions are generous. Try the veal parm sub!! I highly recommend it!! I would like to get back to this place again soon, 

The Pompton Queen Diner- Pompton Plains, NJ

Pompton Queen Diner
710 State Route 23 North
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
(973) 835-2086

Excellent is the word for this diner. Its was's Readers Choice for 2015.
I have never had a bad meal here. Whether its breakfast, burgers, chicken, turkey and even steak dinners, the food is always top notch. The sides are good too. I like the fries, mashed potatoes and baked potatoes. There is an excellent choice of drinks whether its soda, beer, wine and even mixed drinks. This place is ALWAYS busy, even at 2am in the morning!! The service is always excellent. You may have to wait for a table around dinner time, my guess anywhere from 5pm to 8 or 9pm. Its never that long a wait though, maybe 10-15 minutes. BTW, if you like chocolate, try the chocolate fudge cake!! Its SINFULLY RICH!! DECADENT!! YUMMY!!! The lemon meringue and apple pies are delicious too!! If your in the area, stop by with an empty stomach, YOU WILL BE SATISFIED!!!

Wilkes Deli - Oakland, NJ

Wilkes Deli
380 Ramapo Valley Road
Oakland, NJ 07436
(201) 337-2366

While this is primarily a site to rate diners and other "eat in" establishments, I feel the need to add this deli to the page. If you are ever in the Oakland area and want to do breakfast or lunch, Wilke's is the way to go. I get sandwiches here on a regular basis and they will deliver to nearby locations. I have NEVER had a bad lunch here. The sandwiches are fresh, made to order and all cold cuts are usually fresh cut. Breads and rolls are always fresh and soft and tasty. Sandwiches come with chips and a pickle if so desired. There is a fair choice in drinks including Stewarts Root Beer, A fair number of Boylan's products and some other brands I normally don't see. They also have some baked goods like linzer tarts, black and whites and some pastries. They also have some cakes and muffins as well. Just stay away from the cookies. While fresh baked,they are rather bland. They also do catering which can be a plus if you need it. 

The Railroad House - Sinking Springs PA

The Railroad House
152 Woodrow Ave
Sinking Spring, Pa 19608
(610) 678-1177

Another good find. My tag team partner and I tried this place out because he always sees the place packed whenever he passes by. Well, theres a reason for that, GOOD FOOD!! I had a cheeseburger and onion rings and they were delicious. Another good thing, Norfolk Southern's Harrisburg Line passes right behind the place so its a good place to eat and rail buff at the same time during the warmer months. I have to visit this place again!!

Backyard Bar & Grille - Springfield, MA

1506 Riverdale St, West Springfield, MA

I was searching for a place for dinner while on vacation and at the same time trying to find a place where we could have a few good drinks so I found this place on a Google search which was right up the road from where we were staying at. Upon walking in there was NO line whatsoever and plenty of space for people to sit all over, it has a bar type atmosphere including the tables separated from the bar they have high chairs to sit on to get a broad view of the restaurant.

Beer wise they had a wide selection including Yuengling (which is a personal favorite) both bottles and on tap. They serve both 12 and 22 oz draft sizes which was another plus. There was a decent selection for the menu appetizer wise, I ordered mild boneless buffalo wings and they were excellent. The mozzarella sticks were the good round ones too well cooked and filled with flavor.

Onto the dinner itself I ordered a full rack of baby back ribs and they were excellent. Fall off the bone, full of flavor and the side of fries were seasoned and tasted good. After dinner there was no rush to get out the door so we relaxed, shot the breeze and tied a few more on. I definitely will be back to this establishment if I'm up in the Springfield, Mass. area in the future.

The Alburtis Tavern - Alburtis, PA

Alburtis Tavern
106 South Main St
Aburtis, Pa 18011

Excellent!! Thats what I have to say about the Alburtis Tavern. Good Food!! Good Drink!! Outside dining in the warmer months. Oh and for the rail enthusiast, Norfolk Southern's Reading line is right across the street!! The first time I dined here, I had a cheeseburger with onion rings and chips. The burger was VERY tasty and the onion rings.....BEER BATTERED HEAVEN!! I highly recommend them. The second time I had a prime rib dinner off their specials menu. It was one of the best prime ribs I have had in quite some time. had the waffle fries and they were good too. Went there a third time and had the cheeseburger and onion rings again and of course, they knocked it out of the park. One thing, you may want to call ahead for a reservation as they are very busy. One can expect to wait 30 minutes to an hour without a reservation. Trust me though, the food is well worth the wait!!

Meadowlands Diner - Carlstadt, NJ

Meadowlands Diner
320 RT17 S
Carlstedt, NJ

Once a favorite eating establishment, the Meadowlands has unfortunately gone downhill. The quality is just no longer there. The service has gone down hill as well. Some of our favorite waitresses must have found better work as they are no longer there and the current crop isn't the best to say the least. Inattentive is the word here. Its getting close to being service with a snarl. The last time I had waffles, there weren't very tasty although I was a little out of it at the time and even the burgers just don't have the taste that they should. It seems they are cutting corners on the quality of the food. Thats really sad considering the Meadowlands is conveniently located. Considering there are better eating establishments nearby, I would pass this place up unless I was REALLY lazy and REALLY hungry. 

The Steaming Tender - Palmer, MA


Though it's housing is a former railroad depot and considered a novelty these days, the entrance and parking lot resemble the quality of the food. First off there was a massive railroad convention in town and every rail fanatic in a 1,000 mile radius decided to hit this place up for dinner so what does the restaurant do? Cancels any form of phone ahead reservations so the only way you were going to get in was to show up and have to stand around up to two hours awaiting a table. 

So, standing in the entrance way itself there was no self closing mechanism on the door so as every person walked in and out (which was once every 10 seconds they'd leave the door open assuming it would close) they left the door open allowing the freezing cold January air in.

Onto the dinner itself. The beer selection itself was rather bleak consisting of Bud, Miller and Sam Adams, some of the most bitter beers on the planet. Now ordering when I get steaks cooked I prefer and ask them to be EXTRA WELL done. The prime rib was on special so I ordered that. The waitress barked the only way to have it that way was to get an end piece (which is usually loaded with more fat than anything). Appetizer wise they really didn't have anything but the saving grace was they had the good round mozzarella sticks but they tasted like they weren't fried long enough. When the main course came I had to have the steak sent back because it was blood red in the middle (after I specifically asked for it EXTRA WELL), there was only one vegetable being served and that was green beans that had dark spots on them, didn't even have a choice either to swap veggies if we wanted to. I ordered french fries with my meal and it came with not even a handful of them so I pretty much got snubbed on those. Given the opportunity next time I'll choose to dine elsewhere!