Monday, February 1, 2016

Backyard Bar & Grille - Springfield, MA

1506 Riverdale St, West Springfield, MA

I was searching for a place for dinner while on vacation and at the same time trying to find a place where we could have a few good drinks so I found this place on a Google search which was right up the road from where we were staying at. Upon walking in there was NO line whatsoever and plenty of space for people to sit all over, it has a bar type atmosphere including the tables separated from the bar they have high chairs to sit on to get a broad view of the restaurant.

Beer wise they had a wide selection including Yuengling (which is a personal favorite) both bottles and on tap. They serve both 12 and 22 oz draft sizes which was another plus. There was a decent selection for the menu appetizer wise, I ordered mild boneless buffalo wings and they were excellent. The mozzarella sticks were the good round ones too well cooked and filled with flavor.

Onto the dinner itself I ordered a full rack of baby back ribs and they were excellent. Fall off the bone, full of flavor and the side of fries were seasoned and tasted good. After dinner there was no rush to get out the door so we relaxed, shot the breeze and tied a few more on. I definitely will be back to this establishment if I'm up in the Springfield, Mass. area in the future.

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