Monday, February 1, 2016

Meadowlands Diner - Carlstadt, NJ

Meadowlands Diner
320 RT17 S
Carlstedt, NJ

Once a favorite eating establishment, the Meadowlands has unfortunately gone downhill. The quality is just no longer there. The service has gone down hill as well. Some of our favorite waitresses must have found better work as they are no longer there and the current crop isn't the best to say the least. Inattentive is the word here. Its getting close to being service with a snarl. The last time I had waffles, there weren't very tasty although I was a little out of it at the time and even the burgers just don't have the taste that they should. It seems they are cutting corners on the quality of the food. Thats really sad considering the Meadowlands is conveniently located. Considering there are better eating establishments nearby, I would pass this place up unless I was REALLY lazy and REALLY hungry. 

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