Monday, May 17, 2010

Oakland DIner - Oakland, NJ

Establishment: Oakland Diner
Address: 72 Ramapo Valley Road Oakland NJ
Status: Dire Emergencies Only
Reason: Original Establisment Hillside Diner Blacklisted 2007

The Oakland Diner, Formerly The Hillside Diner has always had good food, but had terrible service back in 07. A waiter and busboy I have knicknamed Mutt and Jeff acted like serving customers was a hassle instead of their job Mutt would sit at the counter reading a newspaper and you could hear him sigh the minute anyone walked in the door. It was because of the horrible service that Mutt would seldom get tipped. One night became the straw that broke the camel's back. While Jeff, the busboy was giving us our food he knocked a drink into my friends lap and almost got his phone. Both Mutt and Jeff acted like they did nothing wrong and the proprietor had a lousy attitude as well. His response was "what do you want me to do about it? Oh send me the bill for cleaning his pants" What do we want you to do about it?? How bout a free meal?? How about an apology?? That was it, The Hillside Diner was blacklisted. It has now changed hands and became the Oakland Diner. Have gotten takeout and the food is decent but who knows if Mutt and Jeff are still employed there. For that reason the Oakland Diner is Dire Emergencies Only and thats for takeout!!

Franks Pizza - Oakland, NJ

Establishment: Franks Pizza
Location: Copper Tree Mall, Oakland, NJ

Whether its pizza, garlic knots, one of the numerous rolls, sandwiches or entrees, Franks Pizza knocks it out of the ballpark. Good food and friendly service too. Franks Pizza gets two forks up and a belch!