Monday, February 1, 2016

The Steaming Tender - Palmer, MA


Though it's housing is a former railroad depot and considered a novelty these days, the entrance and parking lot resemble the quality of the food. First off there was a massive railroad convention in town and every rail fanatic in a 1,000 mile radius decided to hit this place up for dinner so what does the restaurant do? Cancels any form of phone ahead reservations so the only way you were going to get in was to show up and have to stand around up to two hours awaiting a table. 

So, standing in the entrance way itself there was no self closing mechanism on the door so as every person walked in and out (which was once every 10 seconds they'd leave the door open assuming it would close) they left the door open allowing the freezing cold January air in.

Onto the dinner itself. The beer selection itself was rather bleak consisting of Bud, Miller and Sam Adams, some of the most bitter beers on the planet. Now ordering when I get steaks cooked I prefer and ask them to be EXTRA WELL done. The prime rib was on special so I ordered that. The waitress barked the only way to have it that way was to get an end piece (which is usually loaded with more fat than anything). Appetizer wise they really didn't have anything but the saving grace was they had the good round mozzarella sticks but they tasted like they weren't fried long enough. When the main course came I had to have the steak sent back because it was blood red in the middle (after I specifically asked for it EXTRA WELL), there was only one vegetable being served and that was green beans that had dark spots on them, didn't even have a choice either to swap veggies if we wanted to. I ordered french fries with my meal and it came with not even a handful of them so I pretty much got snubbed on those. Given the opportunity next time I'll choose to dine elsewhere!

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