Saturday, January 14, 2012

Summerdale Diner - Enola, PA

The Summerdale Diner: Route 11&15 Enola, PA.
Back in 2009 I was in there with a friend for dinner and had gotten a NY Strip steak with rice and a baked potato. The service wasn't too bad but the place featured plastic drinking glasses (a sign of cheapness) but I had thought nothing of it at the time. The service wasn't the fastest for how empty the place was and I wasn't to thrilled with it either. When the food came the steak itself tasted a little bland. I like my steaks well done but a good diner would still leave some juice for flavoring. The corn tasted like it was microwave and hardly had any flavor either. The most odious of all when I walked into the restroom one of the cooks came out of the stall and just walked out with OUT washing his hands!! I was so appalled I walked out looked at my friend and said "we're out of here". So we paid and that was it, for a health code violation from the COOK.... BLACKLISTED!

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