Friday, January 20, 2012

Sherbans Diner South Plainfield, NJ

Sherbans Diner
222 Front St
South Plainfield, NJ
Status: Blacklisted
We were out exploring Central Jersey one afternoon and decided on stopping here for lunch. When we walked in the server seemed a little crabby as if we had bothered her from something and sat us in a place far from where we asked to sit. The inside was dimly lit and I noticed several stains in the carpet and dirt on some of the walls. Ordering took slow (and it was after the lunch rush so there was not much of a crowd) and when it came the chicken fingers deluxe I ordered tasted a little off. It wasn't real chicken tenders but that processed stuff I absolutely HATE! In fact I recall having to cut out veins in it. The fries were very bland tasting and had no flavor. My tag team partner had gotten a cheeseburger deluxe and judging by the way he looked he didn't like it that much. Even the "dire emergency only" foods sucked so I wouldn't recommend this dive at all!


  1. Isnt this where the you went to the bathroom and saw a homeless guy cleaning himself at the sink?

    1. That can happen anywhere the place was clean and service was fast

  2. My waitress was Brenda she was very attentive and friendly. My coffee was nice and hot and the cheese cake is the Best!!!! Will most definitely see me there again

  3. Best cheese cake around and a nice healthy size and coffee was awesome