Saturday, January 14, 2012

Heritage Diner - Hackensack, NJ

The Heritage Diner: River St. Hackensack, NJ
This diner is the inspiration for me to start critiquing diners across NJ, NY and PA. Here friends and myself have suffered some of the worst service at a diner. Just ordering something like a hamburger deluxe was a big production. Some of the waitresses were very rude towards patrons and I recall just being yelled at for my order. When the order came the burger tasted very bland and even though I asked for a well done it had pink in the middle. The french fries some were undercooked and others over cooked. Just about the only thing that was edible was the pickle! I also recall there were stains in the rugs and the restrooms were atrocious looking with toilet paper all over the floor, I may have ate there twice and that was it I said it was blacklisted!


  1. The Heritage is supposed to be on its way out as the property its on is supposed to be re-developed. Havent been by the area to see if its gone or not. How anyone can eat there is beyond me.

  2. Guess again! Heritage Diner is not gone, and the land is not sold. That's what people who don't know what they are talking about say, and as for their food? great food! From soup, to burgers, to fish, breakfast etc. never had a bad meal. The service was good too!

  3. This person could not be more wrong
    Not only have I had some of the best meals here (better than most NJ restaurants!) the service could not be better. The diner is always full of regulars and new dinner specials are created every day. The owner takes great pride in his food selection!