Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ten 45 Grille/Diner - Ramsey, NJ

Ten 45 Grille (Formerly the Tiffany Diner)
1045 RT17S
Ramsey, NJ
Date Blacklisted 12/25/2011

This diner is one that I normally blacklist on sight alone. Its just cheesey looking as hell. But here I was, looking for food on Christmas night. After checking some of the usual haunts, I found myself driving down RT17 looking for someplace that was open....ANYPLACE that was open. The Ten 45 was the only place I could find after twenty minutes of driving. This place was certainly gaudy and I had some reservations but my stomach was growling. The first thing I noticed was this place had changed hands. I remembered that it was once the Tiffany Diner. I guess too many people had blacklisted it as the Tiffany so they either changed the name or sold it to new owners. The change was not for the better. The place had certainly gone downhill. The inner doors had been removed so when the outer doors were opened, the cold winter air rushed into the dining area. There were numerous stains on the ceiling from roof leaks. The decor seemed dated and worn. The hostess wasnt the friendliest, I placed my order. A cheeseburger deluxe, medium well and pancakes and bacon for my mother. Add to that two slices of layer cake for desert. I should have known it was going to turn out bad when the hostess asked if I wanted lettuce and tomato with my cheeseburger deluxe. After all Lettuce and tomato is generally standard with a cheeseburger deluxe!!! After waiting what seemed forever. I got my order and drove home. The cheeseburger wasnt the greatest, the fries were horrible. I got indigestion soon after eating. The lettuce was not fresh, the tomato looked rotten. I threw them out. There was no mystery slaw, but judging how bad the lettuce and tomato was, that was probably for the best. There was plenty of pancakes but they also werent the best. We got NO condiments at all. No ketchup, No salt, No syrup, No butter. Talk about CHEAP!!! Then came the desert. The layer cake was what I would call a lying queen slice. Geez, could they spare it??? It was paper thin. Literally a slice less than an inch thick!!! To top it off, it was STALE and tasteless. What a disappointment!! Needless to say, the Ten 45 is BLACKLISTED!! I would have been better off microwaving a TV dinner!! I should have listened to my gut and tried somewhere else!!! There shall be no re-evaluation of this establishment!!!

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