Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hearth Family Resturaunt - Lebanon, PA

Hearth Family Resturaunt
2550 Cumberland St (PA RT422)
Lebanon, Pa
Date Blacklisted 6/12/2011

We were out on a fantrip to the Harrisburg Line and Middle Division. Well, noontime came around and we needed some food. We decided to give the Hearth Family Resturaunt a try, BIG MISTAKE. The food was not that great and to top it off, both the employees and patrons of this establishment treated us as if we came from outer space or something. It was like there was the good ol fashioned needle scratch and everything came to a halt when we walked in the door. They were just plain rude. The waitress was just unfriendly and the other patrons stared at us till we left. Bad service, lackluster food and bad clientele=BLACKLISTED!! Stay away from this place. I am surprised no one tried to kill us and nothing clawed its way out of our stomachs like the creature from spaceballs. There will be NO re-evaluation if this establishment!

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