Sunday, March 22, 2009

Story of the Decoven Diner, Cove Pa

Establishment: Decoven Diner
Address: Rt 11&15 Cove, Pa
Blacklisted: 4/2003

Ah yes, can remember the day I blacklisted the Decoven Diner. (The photo of which is on the top of this blog) A one time friend and I went to have a little fun at another "friend's" expense out in Cove, Pa. Once we found this person we hung out and it became time for lunch. This person we had met suggested the Decoven Diner. Here it was 12 noon on the dot and there was only one car in the parking lot and the place just looked sleazy. That warranted an instant blacklist. Apparently the people of Perry County felt the same as I did since the Decovan is no more, It closed, was torn down and now is a vacant lot. But thats not the only place in the area thats blacklisted. Do NOT eat any sandwiches out of the Sheetz in Cove, Pa!! My tag team partner ate a pork sandwich out of there and was sick for days. Perry County so far is not looking like a very good place for food. :-P (Barf)

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  1. The Decoven Diner was moved to Connecticut in 2005.