Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Phoenicia Diner - Phoenicia, NY

Establishment: Phoenicia Diner
Address: 5681 Rt 28, Phoenicia , NY
Blacklisted 8/1996

Ok , here is the story of how the Phoenicia Diner got blacklisted. My father, my stepmother, and I were travelling up to see the Catskill Mountain Railroad and Delaware and Ulster Rail Ride. On the way we wanted to get a bite to eat and stopped at the Phoenicia Diner. At the time, the parking lot was not paved. Looking at the photo I found, this his since been rectified. The place reeked of the late 1960's to 1970's. The interior was a naugahyde lovers delight. I at the time wondered how many nauga's gave their all to furnish the establishment. The hostess seemed at bit creepy, and we were seated. I ordered a bagel with cream cheese and a Coke, something that cant really be screwed up. Our food was served. The bagel was the usual Lenders type bagel, toasted with the usual specimen cup of cream cheese. They used plastic glasses which I dont really care for, but seem standard for lower end diners. Thats not what got the place blacklisted. It was the hostess passing behind us as we were eating saying "Yummy Yummy In the Tummy!" Talk about REALLY creepy!! Would something claw its way out of my stomach in few hours?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! Blacklisted!! Check Please!! Oh, and no, there will be NO re-evaluation of this establishment!!

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  1. There are new owners now. They redid the place and made it into a family friendly place. I used to not go to the old diner because of the same things you write about. We go when we can now. Check it out.

    Signed: Local Phoenician.