Monday, December 21, 2009

Coach House Diner - East Hackensack, NJ

Establishment: Coach House Diner
Address: 55 Route 4 East, Hackensack, NJ
Date Blacklisted: 12/21/2009

Well, today I must have had the WORST experience in a NJ diner....Ever. Had diner at the Coach House Diner in Hackensack, NJ First of all the food was over priced. Add to that lousy service. This sad excuse for a waiter could not even take our soda order without forgetting who ordered what. Then as he is serving us, he answers his cell phone while just handing our food to us instead of putting it on the table for us. At that point it was decided that he would get no tip. As we were leaving, he asks, "what, no tip??" With that a complaint was made to the hostess. Thats it, the Coach House is BLACKLISTED!! Rotten service and overpriced food will NOT be tolerated!!

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